Let’s be honest – all those admin and techy details – you hate doing them.  And that to-do list – it keeps growing.

Then you end up losing focus … and time.

And, if admin and tech are not your thing – you need someone who loves to do all the techy details you hate.

pssst….guess what – I love that stuff!

I’m Amy Kozak – The Vibrant VA – and I have a passion for details.

I’m a former scientist who also happens to have a background in retail management, sales, and buying…and I also design jewelry (more about all of that here).

While growing my own accessories and jewelry biz, I took classes to learn website design, basic graphics, email marketing, and more – all those nitty gritty details of running your own business – and loved it!

When I started seeing people struggle with all the details of running their business, I started my virtual assistant biz and became a virtual concierge to help other online entrepreneurs in their businesses.

I work with creatives & entrepreneurs.

Much like a concierge takes care of all the details at a posh hotel, I take care of all the details (i.e. that never-ending to-do list you keep looking at) for your business… so you can focus on your passions and have peace of mind that your business is being handled with care.

Get customized support for your growing business…

Amy has given me much peace of mind and made maintaining our website and growing our business less stressful. Our business continues to grow steadily and not having to worry about technology and tasks is huge.

As a solo entrepreneur, having Amy as part of my online team has been invaluable.  I can easily delegate tasks to her and feel comfortable that they’ll be completed to a high standard.

The life of a solopreneur can be a little overwhelming at times, especially if you’re a control freak like me and you have difficulty turning over tasks. Knowing she is on my team gives me peace of mind and allows me the space to focus on what I love best about my business while leaving the rest in her competent, capable hands.

Before working with Amy, I wasn’t sure at what stage I should start outsourcing tasks I can’t or don’t want to do. I´m glad I don´t try to do it all on my own anymore – Amy’s suggestions to solutions (and hints at language mistakes) helped tremendously! Passing tasks on to Amy saves me time & frustration  so I can focus on other things in my business.

Amy, you are a life-saver! You are so incredibly prompt, diligent, professional, helpful and responsive. What I love about you, Amy, is that you think ahead and help me see what steps that I need to take that I might not be aware of, especially when it comes to technology. You are so multi-talented and you always makes me feel so assured that you are on top of all of the details – because you are! I am really so grateful for you.

Amy was a godsend! I have owned a domain and fiddled with it for over 2.5 years to no success. Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits.  What was super hard for me, she did lickety split. I would not hesitate to call on her in the future and highly recommend her!

If you are looking for some help, I cannot recommend Amy enough – she is is on it AND worth it! I knew exactly what was being worked on, the status of it, how many hours were spent on it – including the next steps. Amy did what I asked, but also went a step further. She made delegating easy for me, the control freak.

Amy is amazing; so reliable and on point. She’s helped resolve and manage some very annoying and recurring things that I wasn’t able to do because I was out of the continent. She was always responsive, followed up to make sure things were resolved and was generous in finding solutions. I highly recommend her.

Concerned about handing over tasks and not sure how to begin to delegate?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ponder the luxury of having extra time in your day – for whatever you want!?! You deserve it – you’ll even have time for some self-care and a mani-pedi – woohoo!!!

Once you start delegating you will begin to streamline your business and systems…and…it will free up more time in your day – and you will be confident and energized.

Wondering if we are a good fit? I work with creatives & entrepreneurs who:

  • are growing their biz 
    you need more time in your day to focus on the big picture
  • are confident about their business decisions
    you are ready to move forward and invest in help for your business
  • are excited to delegate the stuff that bogs them down
    you know which tasks you need help with
  • are dreaming of a streamlined business with procedures & systems in place
    you love the idea of an organized business, but just need some help

On the flip side…as Tori Amos said “I am not your senorita” if you:

  • want phone support for your clients
    I offer client email support so we have a written/dated record of conversations.
  • are always in a rush or creating last-minute projects
    I do understand that things happen and from time to time, an urgent project/task will arise – BUT – if everything you need is ‘right now’ – then we are not a good fit.
  • are at the start of your business and do not even have a website yet
    Not sure where to begin? Check out these resources from Marianne at DYOB.