VA is another name for virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can help you with your business without being in the same location as you.


Instead of hiring a VA as an employee and paying all the taxes/etc that go along with that – you hire your virtual assistant as an independent contractor – so you do not have to deal with all the taxes, social security, and all that other stuff.

Some of my main tasks I perform for my clients are email management, WordPress set-up and maintenance, and blog post formatting/scheduling.
The main thing you want to do is to keep a list of what tasks you do daily/weekly/monthly – those tasks are your list of possibilities to outsource!


Your next step is to find a VA who handles those tasks.  I often see people posting that they need to hire a VA in online forums and groups but they have no specifics of what they need.

When you start to look for a Virtual Assistant – be sure to send a list of tasks that you need so you can get referrals for Virtual Assistants who work in those areas.

For example, if you use Infusionsoft and need a VA that has knowledge of that software – make a note of it.  Leah Kalamakis has some great tips in this blog post on hiring a VA.

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